The pupils from our school, together with pupils from SR Lubok Pulau was given the chance to hear a talk about Pendidikan Pencegahan Dadah di Sekolah Rendah Daerah Tutong which is conducted by officers from Biro Kawalan Narkotik

The pupils wrote down some notes about the negative consequences about drugs as the talk goes along

At the end of the talk,there was a questions and answering sessions. Correct answer will be given a prize :)

Make a slogan time!

The officers from Biro Kawalan Narkotik showed the pupils the prize which will be give to the top 3 pupils with the most creative slogan.

Pupils from both schools were thinking of what to write for their slogan. Lets see who are the top 3 winners!

While waiting for the most creative slogan to be annouced, guess what the pupils will be doing?

It's a little exercise time! All the pupils enjoyed it so much.

The winners were: Juliyan with his slogan Dadah! Inda!!!
Marcella with her slogan Banci ku dadah!Banci ku banar!
The pupil from SR Lubok Pulau with her slogan No need to die for drugs!
Congratulations to the winners!


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